Lead Inspections: What You Need to Know

Why Lead Inspection?
Chronic exposure to lead can be prevented by lead paint inspection Baltimore— poisoning is an illness that stunts the growth and severely damages the nervous systems and brains of both kids and adults alike.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are still living and working in lead-filled environments, and they’re not even aware of it. A lead inspection is a convenient and most affordable way to put your family’s safety first.

What Is XRF?
XRF is a “gun” that detects lead in painted surfaces. When enough energy light waves (photon or x-ray) are absorbed by an atom, the inner shell electrons are completely removed. Wherein, the empty inner shell that’s left is ‘filled’ with electrons coming from the outer shell of the atom. The difference between these energies is the excess energy generated during the process. It’s emitted in a form of radiation.

As compared to other methods of elemental analysis that are known to be destructive, in need of large amounts to function, or too expensive, the XRF is more practical to use.

What Is a Dust Swipe
Dust swipe is a test performed by health and housing officials and lead professionals. For risk assessments dust lead is measured on windowsills and floors. For clearance purposes, dust lead is measured on window sills, floors, and window troughs.

To perform a dust swipe test, the professional would outline the sample area with the use of a tape or template. Wherein, the professional must tape the template on the floor and the area shouldn’t be disturbed by all means. After that, the sample collection tube should be placed near the sample area, and the professional would begin to wipe this portion. The area that has been sampled would be recorded and assessed thereafter.

What Are the Hazards Involved
Young kids exposed to lead-contaminated paint could become very ill, and like what has been mentioned earlier, frequent exposure to lead can cause permanent damage in the brain and nerves. That said, it will become a challenge for the person to learn, and behavioral problems can also be observed.

Only certified inspectors are allowed to perform lead inspection and sampling. These people are hired to collect samples and test them to see if they’re really hazardous or not.

What Is Involved in Abatement?
Lead abatement is the process wherein the lead paint hazards are safely reduced. However, if done improperly, it can also be dangerous if it would be carried out by an unprofessional. That’s why, it’s always best to look for professional contractors who have the ability to remove the paint lead in the building.

Furthermore, if abatement work isn’t done the way it should be, then there’s a huge possibility that a greater lead hazard would happen. Before you start any type of work, don’t forget to contact the local health department to have an idea about the guidelines and state regulations that you must adhere to.

Before you carry out with this procedure, the whole family, especially the children must be tested for lead poisoning. The home should also be inspected by a professional contractor during the process, and don’t forget to relocate the children as well as the pregnant women.